Kurlander Farm

Kurlander Farm in Moshav Beit Hillel: Environment friendly organicfarm.
Located on the banks of river "Hatsbany", we offer a memorable experience

in a state of the art dairy farm and visitor center.

  • Fascinating journey along the milestones of the dairy cow's life
  • The secret of milk production
  • Feeding the cows
  • Bottle feeding the calves
  • Fresh and tasty chocolate milk

Come hear how grandpa and grandma kurlender started the farm from one
cow and half a horse. Meet the newborn calves who weigh a hundred pounds,
be impressed by the huge cows weighing almost a ton! Pet, feed, learn and
experience the real dairy farm work.

Kurlander Farm in Moshav Beit Hillel: Environment friendly organicfarm

The Kurlender farm also produces organic olive oil, organic citrus fruits and
pomegranates. Visits to our orchards and olive groves can be arranged upon

Kurlender Farm tours are held at 12:00 and 19:00.
Organized groups can schedule tours off the visiting hours.

Come visit our farm while enjoying all the other attractions that the Upper
Galilee has to offer





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